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MICK is designed to help healthcare professionals offer personalized medical advice to patients. The microbiome of each human body organ is unique, and is responsible for various clinical outcomes and drug responses.

MICK is the solution to integrate microbiome analysis into your clinical practice, to help guide your therapeutic decisions and provide targeted prevention to your patients.

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MICK automatically identifies the microorganisms in a sample, analyses key microbiome health status patterns and functionality , performs an in-depth characterization of identified pathogens



Monitor patients’ microbiome status over time. Record key aspects of patients’ health. Unlock Global Health Index and Nutrition Index to go deeper into your analysis



Access a ready-to-use report to easily communicate and share the results with patients online and offline. Customize the report to fit your needs.


Real-time. On demand. For healthcare

Actionable results

MICK translates microbiome analysis into multi-level comprehensive and customizable reports.

Personalized health advice

MICK integrates microbiome analysis results with key patient’s data to provide truly insightful and personalized health analytics.

Automated and accurate

MICK’s advanced technology will give you real time analysis with the highest accuracy.


MICK is developed on a solid scientific basis and a validated technology. It is chosen by hospitals and clinics in 5 countries.


Care for your patients even better, with MICK

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Our team

MICK is powered by Sequentia Biotech a cutting-edge bioinformatics company operating in the genomics and microbiome data analysis field since 2013.

Our mission is to accelerate microbiome-based healthcare solutions and discoveries for the benefits of everyone.
We believe that science evolves very fast, while software has not. We thrive to offer cutting-edge software solutions to move data from bench to peoples’ lives

Walter Sanseverino
Walter SanseverinoPhD
Founder and CEO. He holds a PhD in Plant Genetics and MSc in Biotechnological Science. Walter has published more than 45 papers.
Claudia Carbonaro
Claudia Carbonaro
CFO. Claudia studied a MSc in International Business Economics and Management and has extensive experience in project management and administration.
Andreu Paytuví Gallart
Andreu Paytuví GallartPhD
Chief Bioinformatician. Andreu holds a PhD in Cell Biology and a MSc in Bioinformatics and has more than 6 years’ experience in the field.
Alba Gargallo
Alba Gargallo
Admin and Finance Assistant. Alba is currently studying a bachelor’s in Law and Business management and she is starting her career in administration.
Tomás Hernán Grassi
Tomás Hernán Grassi
CCO. Business enthusiast with a passion for science, Tomás holds a MSc in Molecular Biotechnology and has experience working in major biotech companies.
Núria Feliu
Núria Feliu
Marketing Assistant. Currently studying a MSc in Marketing Management. Nuria has a background in sales and market research.
Fulvio Vigilante
Fulvio Vigilante
Javascript Fullstack Developer. Fulvio studied a MSc in Engineering and has worked as an engineer and senior advisor for Google Cloud products.

Scientific Board

Giovanni Sarnelli
Giovanni SarnelliMD, PhD
Medical Director, università degli studi di Napoli – Federico II
Gastrointestinal focus.
Giuseppe Esposito
Giuseppe EspositoPhD
Pharmacologist, associate professor Sapienza Università di Roma
Microbiome targeted drugs.
Jie Jack Lu
Jie Jack LuMD, PhD
Medical director, head of department
Gut-brain axis focus.
Giuseppe Bifulco
Giuseppe BifulcoMD
Medical director, head of department Gynecology. Università degli studi di Napoli – Federico II.
Davide Borroni
Davide BorroniMD
Director of CRU Cornea Research Unit at Carones Vision.
Ophthalmology Medical Doctor.


Choose your solution

Upload your data

Just upload your raw microbiome data into MICK.
Both standard and high-coverage sequencing techniques are supported.

MICK’s secure and accurate workflow will process your data in just few minutes.

From sample to Results with MICK+

From sampling kit and sequencing to the final report.
Both standard and high-coverage sequencing techniques are supported. Efficient, secure and affordable.

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Choose your plan

MICK is designed to fit every doctor’s needs with a subscription + pay per analysis model. Pay only for what you need. MICK allows for basic, nutrition, health and complete analysis, and we offer both Amplicon sequencing or WGS. MICK+ plugin also features a sample to results service.

Choose the subscription plan that best suits your team size:


  • Platform access and data storage
  • 1 Basic user
  • 50 patients per month
  • 2 analysis included*
  • Branding not included


  • Platform access and data storage
  • Up to 3 users
  • Unlimited patients per month
  • 2 analysis included*
  • Branding included


  • Platform access and data storage
  • Up to 8 users
  • Unlimited patients per month
  • 2 analysis included*
  • Branding included


  • Platform access and data storage
  • 10 users with different hierarchies
  • Unlimited patients per month
  • 2 analysis included*
  • Branding included
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