The first all-in-one microbiome platform for forward thinking healthcare and wellness. The flexibility to enjoy only what you need from your data , the way you want and without a single line of coding.

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The new way to enjoy microbiome data

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MICK automatically identifies the microorganisms in a sample, analyses key microbiome health status patterns and functionality , performs an in-depth characterization of identified pathogens



Monitor patients’ microbiome status over time. Record key aspects of patients’ health. Unlock Global Health Index and Nutrition Index to go deeper into your analysis



Access a ready-to-use report to easily communicate and share the results with patients online and offline. Customize the report to fit your needs.


Microbiome analysis made easy


Intuitive web platform and powerful technology lets you create your workflow to meet your unique needs.


No matter your field, product and team size , MICK will work the way you do. All you need is Mick

All in One

Analyzes all the key microbiomes in human body with the highest level of accuracy and precision.

Easy to use

From complex microbiome to data to clear and actionable insights. All this without a single line of coding.

There is no need to be an expert data analyst to use MICK. Are you a practitioner or a nutritionist?

Find out how MICK helps you serve your patients even better.

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Meet our super heroes

MICK is powered by Sequentia Biotech a cutting-edge bioinformatics company operating in the genomics and microbiome data analysis field since 2013.

Our mission is to accelerate microbiome-based healthcare solutions and discoveries for the benefits of everyone.
We believe that science evolves very fast, while software has not. We thrive to offer cutting-edge software solutions to move data from bench to peoples’ lives

Walter Sanseverino
Walter Sanseverino
Walter is a passionate scientist and entrepreneur who’s been devoted to create bioinformatics tools to democratize omics sciences. He holds PhD in Genomics and counts with more than 40 high impact factor publications.
Claudia Carbonaro
Claudia Carbonaro
Entrepreneurship passionate, sport and sailing lover, enjoying the start-up thrill and teaming up for something meaningful.
Claudia worked and studied from very warm (Australia) to cold latitudes ( Belgium) before finding the right one in Barcelona and MICK team.
Tomas Hernán Grassi
Tomas Hernán Grassi
Tomás has taken several business roles, including Marketing, Sales and Product Management positions for R&D companies for the last 8 years. He holds a Degree in Engineering and a MSc in Molecular Biotechnology.
Andreu Paytuví Gallart
Andreu Paytuví Gallart
Andreu is a senior bioinformatician with high expertise in analyzing different kinds of omics data, including microbiomics data. From day one, he has been involved in the conception and development of Mick. He holds PhD in Cell Biology and Bioinformatics.
Fulvio Vigilante
Fulvio Vigilante
Fulvio is a web developer driven by passion for IT and science, he disposes of well-rounded experiences in tech and construction sector. He is accredited as Full Stack Javascript developer and holds a master degree in civil engineer.


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